March 2013 newsletter is now posted!

Hi folks,

I hope y'all are as excited about this year's school as I am.  The Twenty-Eighth Annual Southeastern Woodcarving School (SWS) will be held July 12th - 14th, 2013 at the Doster Community Center, 424 S. Northington St., Prattville, AL. 

The big news this year is that we are going to hold a judged carving contest!  This is the first time that such a contest has ever been held in conjunction with the school.  You can read all the details on page 7 when you download the brouchure.  There will still be display tables for those that do not wish to participate in the competition; however, I hope you will choose to enter the competition as it is an excellent way to help one's growth as a carver and it's fun too!  Please bring plenty of your carvings with you as we will be doing our best on the publicity side to bring in visitors to see all of the carvings on display. Let's make this a year to remember!

See you in July,

Dylan Goodson
Southeastern Woodcarving School Director

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28th Southeastern Woodcarving School and Competition

Hosted by the




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Where and When:

The Twenty-Eighth Annual Southeastern Woodcarving School (SWS) will be held July 12th - 14th, 2013 at the Doster Community Center, 424 S. Northington St., Prattville, AL.  This facility is 4.7 miles west from exit 179 off I-65. 


Classes  and the competition will be held in the main room of the Doster Community Center.  There is limited parking in the front and the south side of the building along Doster St.  Parking across Doster St. to the south (left of the front entrance) is the most convenient to the Community Center.  Refreshment breaks will be in the main room where the classes will be held.  The vendor sales tables, display tables and CAWA tables will be in the main room as well.



Thursday 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Competition registration

Class registration

Thursday 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Judging (only competition officials will be allowed in the building during this time.)

Friday 7:00am to 8:00am

Class registration

Friday 8:00am

Classes start

Please note: during the initial class meeting the instructors will set the class hours.  The community center will be available Friday and Saturday 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m., and Sunday 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Friday 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Night Classes or extra carving time

Saturday 4:30pm

Live Auction for donated carvings with the raffle to follow.

Saturday 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Night Classes or extra carving time

Sunday 2:00pm

Competition closes. Carvings will be available for pick up at this time.




Southeastern Woodcarving School Information


Please review the list of classes and the instructors that are available.  Note the level of experience and the tools needed for each class.  The cost of blanks and other materials provided by the instructor is payable to the individual instructor and is not included in the class fee.  The number of students in a class is limited to a minimum of three and a maximum of ten unless otherwise noted.  Therefore, each applicant should choose two classes and list them in order of preference.  If a class limit is reached or if a class has to be canceled, SWS reserves the right to place an applicant in his/her second choice.  If you choose, SWS will place you on a waiting list for your first choice and notify you if it becomes available before the beginning of the school.  SWS will hold your money pending an opening in a class or the school itself, unless you state otherwise.  All classes that do not have adequate students will be canceled on June 16, 2013 unless otherwise noted.



A fee of $175.00 is charged to all woodcarving students and $100.00 for all craft students.  The fee includes class instruction and five refreshment breaks that will include coffee.


Complete the enclosed registration form, one for each student please (copies are acceptable).  Do not forget to include the appropriate fees.  If you wish to receive confirmation of your registration, be sure to include a business size, self-addressed, stamped envelope or a valid email address.


                        Mail to:             Southeastern Woodcarving School

                        c/o Dylan Goodson

                        295 Wharf Street

                        Wetumpka, Alabama 36092


Applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis (based on postmark) and must be accompanied by the correct fees.




Special Needs:

Although the SWS will try to meet the needs of the students, some things cannot be avoided.  Students should be aware that areas of the classes are not as well lighted as they should be for intricate carving and crafting. Students are advised to bring portable lighting to have available should the need arise.


Raffle and Auction:


A “live” auction for donated woodcarvings will be held at 4:30pm on Saturday afternoon.  The proceeds from the auction allow us to keep the cost of the School down and your participation is greatly appreciated.



The raffle will immediately follow the end of the auction.  Following the success of the Noah's Ark project last year, CAWA members are working on a folk art style Nativity for this year's raffle.  Raffle tickets for the Nativity will be sold in advance and you will not have to be present to win the drawing for the Nativity.  Separate drawings will be held for a variety of items, including carving and craft supplies as well as general items not unique to carving or crafts, culminating with the drawing for the Nativity. Tickets will be available from the CAWA table.  Please plan on attending the raffle Saturday afternoon.  The proceeds from the raffle allow us to keep the cost of the School down and your participation is greatly appreciated.

Please note: with the exception of the drawing for the Nativity, You must be present to win!


NOTE: We invite you to bring an item to donate to the raffle. The item doesn’t have to be carving related, just something that you feel will add to the raffle.


Display Tables:

There will be a limited number of tables available for those that do not wish to participate in the competition to display their work on.  Identification forms (which you will need to fill out and place next to each of your carvings,) will be available at the registration table for your convenience.


Vendor Sales Area:

Smoky Mountain Woodcarvers Supply will be on hand to supply you with all the carving tools, books, and other accessories that you could need.  Mac will be happy to sharpen your dull tools for you, for a small (and very reasonable) fee.  Many of the Instructors will also have supplies and tools for sale.



We will have mini-classes on Friday and Saturday evenings, see the following list.  More classes may be available on the date of the school.  A complete list with more details will be available at the registration table. Classes are usually 1 to 2 hours.  These classes will be on a first come - first served basis.  Students will need to purchase any blanks and/or supplies from the instructors the night of the class.  Signup sheets will be on the registration table.


Bob Marek – Flat Plane Carving

Dylan Goodson – How to carve feet

Gary McDaniel – Simple Woodspirit



The following information is provided as a service.  CAWA and SWS do not recommend or endorse any listing and cannot be held accountable for errors, misrepresentations or out-of-date information.



K & K Camping Center:

P.O. Box 680897 Prattville, AL 36066
1810 Service Road East, Millbrook, Al. 36054

334-285-5269, 334-285-5635

Exit 179 off I-65 on Cobbs Ford Rd. to the east, beside the interstate.



Comfort Inn:                 334-365-6003

Days Inn:                                  334-285-5312

Hampton Inn:                            334-285-6767

Jameson Inn:                                          334-361-6463

Sleep Inn & Suites:        334-532-0500

La Quinta Inn:               334-358-5454

Rodeway Inn:                334-385-5022

Key West Inn:               334-309-2004

Econo Lodge:                334-361-2007

Super 8:                        334-365-7250

Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce

1002 East Main Street

Prattville, Alabama 36066



Millbrook Area Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 353

1756 Hwy. 14

Millbrook, Alabama 36054



Carving Classes

Colts – Allen Carmichael

In this class, Allen will teach you about the proportion and anatomy of horses, how the anatomy of colts differ from that of full grown horses and when to use creative license to create a more pleasing carving.  Most of the carving will be done with power but you will need a sharp knife and some gouges.  There will be two designs to choose from, you can carve either, or both.  Everyone will get the patterns to take home, so that you can make as many as you want.


Blanks: Band-sawn blanks will be $5.00 each.

Tools: Allen uses coarse 1/8” shaft bits to rough out the carving, then he uses 3/32” shaft ruby bits to finish the carving.  The required bits should be available during the school from the tool vendor.  DUST COLLECTOR IS MANDATORY.

Skill Level:     Beginner to Advanced





Basic Techniques – Mac Proffitt

Learn the basics of carving with Mac. He'll teach you how to safely use the tools and what the different tools are used for. Sharpening is one of the most important things that a beginner needs to learn, and Mac will teach you how to sharpen your tools and keep them sharp. He can be reached at Smoky Mt. Woodcarving Supply (800-541-5994 or 856-448-6350) or by email: His website is:


Tools Required:            Basic beginner tools.

Power Tools:                 Prohibited.

Skill Level:                   Beginner.


Carving off the Corner - Gary McDaniel

Learn to carve a “Fancy Woodspirit”, or any of Gary's "off the Corner characters",  using the corner piece of a block of basswood.  You’ll learn the basic rules on how to carve a face, the correct knife to get the desired cut and how to make your carving look more realistic.  To see the various faces you can carve at this class, visit Gary’s website at: 

You can choose the face you want at the beginning of class.

Gary is a transplanted Arkansan, living in North Alabama.  He’s been carving off and on for about 20+ years. He carves faces in driftwood and Cottonwood bark.  He also likes to carve Santa ornaments, Greenmen, Woodspirits, Native Americans, and Mountain Men.


Blanks:             $2.00 each.

Tools:               A list of basic tools needed, will be provided.
Power tools:     Prohibited.
Skill Level:       Beginner/Intermediate.



Caricatures – Steve Brown

The class is designed for beginner to advanced carvers with attention given to facial expression, hand detail and clothing.  There will be 60 plus projects (rough outs) to choose from including Santas, cowboys, pens, figural kaleidoscopes and much more.  The opportunity to paint the carving will be given.  You can reach Steve at 270-821-8774, or email  His website is


Blanks/Supplies:        Blanks will range in price from $3.00 to $65.00;  

Tools Required:          Students need to bring palm style tools, safety glove and a knife.

Power Tools:              PROHIBITED.

Skill Level:                Intermediate - Advanced.

Class size:                  5 minimum – 10 maximum



Text Box:  Example of Ken's work.Human Face in Half Round – Ken Carter

This class will teach students how to carve a realistic human face in basswood or butternut if available as a wall hanging.  The primary focus will be for the carver who wants to learn or brush up on a more realistic human carving and how to add design and content.  Ken has taught over most of the Southeast and as far away as Wyoming.  Contact Ken at: 

Blanks/Supplies:           Band sawn blanks will be furnished for $25 to $35.
Tools Required:            Students need to bring regular carving tools. Students can use palm or full size tools.
Power Tools:                 Allowed, NO ROTARY TOOLS without a dust collector. 
Skill Level:                   Intermediate to Advanced.

Class Size:                    Minimum 4 – Maximum 10



Scenes in Walking Sticks – Berry Vestal

Berry will be teaching a class on how to carve a low relief scene on the shaft of a walking stick.  He would like for each class member to bring at least one idea/item (picture) that they would like to carve on their cane if possible.   We'll work on tying it together with a theme to personalize their cane.  The main emphasis will be the shallow relief carving of the scene each person chooses for their cane.  Berry will bring several nostalgic ideas, scenes and sample canes he's carved along for those who need ideas.

Berry has been carving for approximately 25 years and has taken classes with many well known carving instructors over the years.  He has mostly tried to be his own creative wood carver using a combination of other's techniques and enjoying each and every experience. 

He can be reached at: cell phone: 615-714-1498, home phone: 615-302-0383, email:


Blanks/Supplies: A turned basswood stick approx 36” long will be provided at a cost of $15.00 each.  Berry will also provide some blanks for tops prepared to fit these sticks for an additional $6.00 each.

Tools Required: You will need a carving knife, a few palm gouges and v-tool to carve the project, and a burning tool to do some fine detail work if needed, plus your carving tools of choice.

Power tools: No power tools needed.

Skill Level: Knowledge of sharp knives and safety with at least some carving experience and creativity.



Text Box:  Project will be similar to this.Human Figures in Relief – Dylan Goodson

This class will focus on how to overcome the difficulties of creating a dynamic human figure in relief.  Time will be devoted to understanding the principles of perspective in effect and how to foreshorten a complicated object, such as a human.  The class project will be of a football scene carved in a piece of wood 2” thick approximately 10” x 7”.  Students interested in subjects other than the football players should contact Dylan ahead of time to arrange a custom project.  You can reach Dylan at 256-496-6797 or 

Learn more about Dylan by visiting his website:


Blanks:             Blanks will be in the $10 to $25 price range.

Tools:               Students should be prepared to work with mallet tools and a carving stand.  Dylan has a number of basic tool sets that                   he can loan to students who may not have the proper tools.

Skill Level:       Students need to be fairly proficient with their tools and have a little knowledge of human anatomy.



Pictorial Deep Relief – Randy Walters

Randy's new project for this year will be a steam locomotive pulling into an old western town.  Blanks will be approximately 14" x 20” x 1 ¾ " with elevations established.  Other subjects are still available as follows: log cabin with stream and bear; log cabin with a lake, canoe and wooded area with deer; barn scene with windmill; barn scene with an old truck; covered bridge; lighthouse with cottage and rowboat; train coming out of a mountain tunnel.  Former students may bring one that has not been completed from a previous class.  If you desire to work on a project other than the main project, please indicate on your registration form or notify the instructor at least 30 days prior to the class (contact information will be provided with class registration confirmation). 


Randy has been carving seriously for many years and has studied with James Cecil, Jim Wilsford, John Burke, Tom Swearingen, Kirk Curtis and Roy Hellman.  He has taught classes around the Southeast and is a blue ribbon winner.


Blanks:  Basswood blanks and pattern will be provided for $40.00.

Tools/Supplies Required:  Students should bring straight blade carving knife, mallet, assorted gouges, straight edge, pencil, large eraser, camera, super glue, wood burner and power tool of choice.

Power tools: Allowed - must use dust collector.  Indicate use of power tools on application.

Skill Level:  All Levels.



Cottonwood Bark Houses – Ginny Gray

“To all who have not carved bark before, you may and probably will “get hooked” on carving bark----I DID!!  -  Ginny


Ginny hails from Stone Mountain, GA and has carved for several years.  She has studied under Rich Jensen and Tony Erickson.  Ginny pushes the limits of carving in cottonwood bark with her fine details and airy designs.  The Whimsical Bark House will be designed to have a roof with shingles, a chimney with bricks or stones, a front door, steps below the door and stones (5 varieties to choose from) plus a variety of details to cover the surface of the wood.  Ginny can be contacted at:404-313-4454 or


Blanks:                                                  Cottonwood bark prices will range between $12.00 and $25.00.

Tools/Supplies Required:                 Knives and gouges, tool list will be provided.

Power tools:                                         Prohibited.

Level:                                                    Some carving experience, although Ginny loves to teach 1st time Bark carvers.





Introduction to Architectural Carving – Bob Marek

Bob will start this class by teaching three small designs.   These are approximately 6 X 6 and should be finished the 1st day.  If these are finished, they can go right on to the next 3, which will probably take a day , to a day and a half.  The final project will be a shelf bracket, which will probably finish the class.  These designs will be accomplished with basic hand tools with the idea of going onto acanthus leaf and more advanced carving in the future. 


Bob has been teaching carving in Pinellas County, Florida for over 30 years, and at the Florida Woodcarving Roundup for the last 4 years.  Initially he learned furniture and decorative woodcarving from his grandfather in Nebraska.   Bob Marek can be reached at (727) 726-7725, email at, or website:


Supplies:          Boards will be cut out in basic shapes. The 3 for the first day will be $10.00 for the 3.  The second 3 will be cut outs and cost $12.00, for the 3.  The shelf bracket will be $10.00 and extras will be available. If these projects are all finished, a pattern will be available for a clock face.

Tools:               A good knife.  Gouges to include: 3/4” #3, 1/4” V-tool 60° and/or 90°, long bent #3 and a l/4” #9 

                        Bob uses a lot of the Japanese Professional Tools and will have them for sale.  $10 - $30
Skill Level:       Beginner - Advanced


“Soft Shading” Wood burning - Carolyn Marek

Carolyn had outlined her wood burnings for quite a while and had a sense that shading was needed.  However, the shading blank was a skew shape and unacceptable.  Being frustrated, she painted and learned shading and other artistic techniques.  Then in 2003 and 2004, she took a class in "soft shading" wood burning technique which opened a new window.  Since then, she has been developing "her style".  She and her husband, Bob, teach 11 classes per week in the Clearwater, Fl. area and have taught at the Woodcarving Roundup in Florida for 4 years.  Many have called this style 'painting with fire' and indeed that can be accomplished with all the browns; from the lightest tan to the darkest brown, almost to black.  This class will involve "soft shading" wood burning on birch/poplar plywood, pine, basswood, leather and paper.  Several projects will be completed as examples; patterns for other projects will be available.  Shading and texture with different heats will be taught.  She is planning on having a couple of projects identifiable to Alabama, done for the class.  If you have something special to woodburn, bring your project and wood choice.  Carolyn can be contacted at, (727) 726-7725,  or website:

Supplies: $2.00 to $15.00.

Tools:  Carolyn uses the Hot Tool with a lamp dimmer control.  Tools/controls are available for use in class and for purchase.  Also, tracing paper, graphite paper, pencil, eraser, stylus, and a lamp (clip-on or stand-on desk type.)

Skill Level:  Beginner to Advanced.

Female Cardinal (half-size) – Riley Monroe

Riley has been teaching for many years and is an expert on carving birds.  This is the class for anyone that is interested in learning about bird carving.  Students almost always leave his class with a finished and painted bird.  This is a power carving class so be sure to bring your power tools, and your dust collector.  Riley's amazingly life-like birds have won Best of Show honors at carving shows like the Mid-South Woodcarving Show in Huntsville, AL, where Riley lives.  He can be reached at 256-881-2544.


Blanks/Supplies:  Blanks will be provided by the instructor.  Cost will be $25.00 per blank

Tools/Supplies Required: Carving and power tools.

Power tools: Required - MUST USE DUST COLLECTOR!

Skill Level:  Beginner/Intermediate.


Craft Classes


Text Box:  Projects from past classes.Folk Art Painting – Ethel Green / Mary Beck

Ethel and Mary will teach students the art of folk painting on gourds, terra cotta flower pots, wood etc.  Students can also bring their own projects.  Ethel has been painting for the past 25 years, and she has won Best of Fair for Folk Art for several years at the South Alabama State Fair.

Mary has been a painting teacher for many years now both public and private.  She is an expert in acrylic, oil and watercolor on a diverse selection of surfaces such as wood, fabric, gourds, glass, as well as canvas. 

Both Mary and Ethel traveled to the White House Christmas celebration that was specifically for decorative painters. 

Students will need to contact Mary or Ethel before the class for a list of needed supplies.  Mary can be contacted at 334-356-3462 or  Ethel can be reached at 334-279-8505 or


Supplies Provided: Pattern copies will be provided. Gourds, pots, paints and brushes will be available for purchase.   Cost to the student will be dependent on the amount of supplies and/or materials purchased.

Tools/Supplies Required:  A supply list will be mailed to all students prior to the class.

Skill Level:  Beginner - Intermediate.



Southeastern Woodcarving Competition


The competition will be set up in the same room were the classes are held.  Competitors will need to have their carvings registered Thursday afternoon for them to be entered into the competition.  Competition officials will then place the carvings in their appropriate place in the competition display area.  Judging will take place Thursday night.

To save time during registration, please fill out the competition registration form on page 10 and mail it in with your class registration from.  Carvers wishing to sell their carvings should indicate that on the competition registration form.


Prizes and Awards:




Best of Show                 $100

Runner Up Best of Show $50                  


Category First Place       $20

Category Second Place    Ribbon 

Category Third Place      Ribbon


Best of Intermediate       $50      


Category First Place       $20

Category Second Place    Ribbon 

Category Third Place      Ribbon


Best of Beginner            $30                  


Category First Place       $20

Category Second Place    Ribbon 

Category Third Place      Ribbon



1.                  To enter the competition you must pay an entry fee of $5 for the first carving, $3 per carving for the next five carvings (or $20 for the first six carvings).  Each carving entered after the first six will be free.  CAWA will waive the entry fees for any competitor under the age of sixteen.

2.                  Anyone, having paid the entry fee(s) can enter the competition.  You do not have to be a member of the CAWA, nor do you have to be enrolled for a class in the SWS.  Anyone entering the competition that is under the age of sixteen must have a permission slip signed by a parent or legal guardian.  Permission slips will be available in advance by request, or at time of carving registration.

3.                  Carvings to be entered into the competition must be submitted between 3:00pm and 6:00pm on Thursday, July 11th.

4.                  Carvings must remain on exhibit until 2pm on Sunday afternoon.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

5.                  Only carvers that have been carving for less than five years and have not won a first place ribbon in a woodcarving competition can enter the Beginner division.  Carvers that have won first place ribbons or that have been carving for longer than five years must enter the Intermediate division.  Anyone wishing to compete at the highest level can enter the Open division, professional woodcarvers and carving instructors are required to enter the Open division.

6.                  Limited use of non-wood materials will be allowed on woodcarvings (i.e. metal feet, glass eyes), but wood must be the primary material.

7.                  Carvings entered into the Open division must have been completed within the last three years from the date of the competition.

8.                  Ribbons from any other show or competition are not to be displayed.

9.                  Carvings made from rough-outs and carvings started or finished in a class must be entered into Open category 10 and Intermediate category 10.  Rough-outs and class projects can be entered into any category in the Beginner division.

10.             CAWA reserves the right for the show judges to assign any carving to the most appropriate category.  The registration committee must approve all carvings.

11.             CAWA reserves the right to add, combine or delete competition categories based on the number of entries.

12.             “Best of Show” will be selected by the judges from among all category first place winners with the exception of the instructor assisted and rough out categories.

13.             The decisions of the judges are final.



1.                  The term "relief" means a carving of a raised design executed in a manner to decorate a flat surface generally exhibiting an illusion of depth.

2.                  The term "in-the-round" means shaping a free-standing three dimensional form.

3.                  The term "realistic" means work detailed to the extent of closely resembling the real object.

4.                  The term "stylized" means a creation of form but not necessarily the detail.

5.                  The term "caricature" means a distortion or exaggeration of the distinguishing features.

Please review the categories below and be prepared to enter your carving in the proper category.


Open Division

Intermediate Division

Beginner Division

1.                  Humans – Realistic

2.                  Humans – Caricature

3.                  Animals – Realistic

4.                  Animals – Caricature

5.                  Relief

6.                  Birds (all birds)

7.                  Aquatic (Fish, turtles, frogs, etc)

8.                  Walking sticks

9.                  Pyrography

10.              Instructor Assisted and Rough-outs

11.             Miscellaneous (carvings which don't fit in categories 1 thru 10)

1.                  Humans – Realistic

2.                  Humans – Caricature

3.                  Animals – Realistic

4.                  Animals – Caricature

5.                  Relief

6.                  Birds (all birds)

7.                  Aquatic (Fish, turtles, frogs, etc)

8.                  Walking sticks

9.                  Pyrography

10.              Instructor Assisted and Rough-outs

11.             Miscellaneous (carvings which don't fit in categories 1 thru 10)

1.                  Humans

2.                  Animals (mammals, birds, and aquatic)

3.                  Relief

4.                  Miscellaneous (carvings which don't fit in categories 1 thru 3)




This application may be reproduced – Please print clearly.
Please, one student per application.  Multiple applications may be mailed together.




















Class Preferences (Class title and/or instructor):

1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

I will use power tools:   Yes          No
If your first choice is filled at this time, do you want to be placed                  Yes  No         
on a waiting list in the event of an opening?

Refunds will not be made after June 30, 2013

A $5.00 processing fee will be retained for each applicant withdrawing before then.


Return this completed application with a check/money order made out to CAWA and mail to:


Southeastern Woodcarving School                                 
c/o Dylan Goodson                                                        
295 Wharf Street
Wetumpka, Alabama  36092                                                   

To receive a confirmation, provide an email address or send a self address business envelope with first class postage affixed.



I, _________________________________, do hereby agree to release and hold harmless Central Alabama Woodcarving Assn. and Doster Community Center and the City of Prattville with regards to any injury or accident that may result from my participation in the 2013 Southeastern Woodcarving School held July 12th through July 14th, 2013. I also agree not to hold Central Alabama Woodcarving Assn. or Doster Community Center and the City of Prattville responsible for any broken, stolen or otherwise lost exhibit items which I may have displayed at the Southeastern Woodcarving School.



Date: _________________________  Signed: _______________________________________________


Southeastern Woodcarving Competition Early Entry Form

To save time during registration Thursday afternoon, please fill out and sign this form and mail it with the appropriate entry fees to:


Southeastern Woodcarving School

c/o Dylan Goodson

295 Wharf Street

Wetumpka, Alabama 36092

You can mail it with your student registration form, or separately at a later date.  Make checks payable to CAWA.


Entrant's Name:

Phone #:






Competitors under the age of sixteen must have a permission slip signed by a parent or legal guardian.

 Please mark which division you want to enter:  Beginner                      Intermediate               Open


Title or Description of carving




Type of Wood

Price (if for sale)







































































I agree not to hold Central Alabama Woodcarving Assn. or Doster Community Center and the City of Prattville responsible for any broken, stolen or otherwise lost exhibit items which I may have displayed at the Southeastern Woodcarving School.


Date: ___________ Signed: _______________________________________________